Head of TreeClimbing Japan (NPO)www.treeclimbingjapan.org

Co-Founder and Head of Growing Homes and Laughing Tree Parks. (winner of the Good Design Show for Environmentally Friendly Projects) Director of Forest Summits, A research and volunteer group which makes forests and campground barrier free. John is also founder of Forest Hospital and Tree-therapy an organization associated with the University of Nagoya Forestry and Psychiatric Departments. .

Author of 10 books (two of them best sellers) One of very few non Japanese writers to have a regular weekly Newspaper column. John is a popular essayist for Environmentally and Socially conscious Magazines, and Media. Though John is know for writing in Japanese he also contributes Monthly to the Japan Times Newspaper as well

John is a very sought after public speaker and environmentally conscious TV personality. He is also the host for the NHK TV programWe are all People of the Earth

John not only writes about Environmentally Friendly Living but tries to live Environmentally Friendly himself. He resides in a Recycled Miso Barrel Treehouse in a National Forest in Japan with his wife and two boys

His hobbies include Family Activities Outdoor Sports, Camping, Scuba Diving, and the Bagpipes. John also enjoys sneaking away and spending the nights a loft in tall trees with furry friends.
(Monkeys and Flying Squirrels)

It is my wish that all children grow up like trees! Tall and Strong, Kind and Unique, Helping each other!