" What a Wonderful World!" High up in the Tree Tops surrounded by a rainbow of colors is so fantastic... I don't know of any other recreation that blends itself so beautifully with Nature and Seasons and sharing with Friends... "These pictures were taken by my good friend Okadasan at Studio Talk." May True Colors and Laughter fill your life...
John Gathright

John Gathright was raised in Victoria BC Canada by family of Scottish decent and tradition. (He plays the Pipes) His love for Japan was born at the young age of 5 years through an extraordinary encounter with a Japanese Geta Shoe on the West Coast of Canada.

At an early age he developed a love for life, nature and people that would not diminish with age or maturity. John first came to Japan in 1985 for a brief stay that metamorphosed into a career, life and love for Japan and her people. John attended and Graduated with honors from Nanzan University and started a career writing humorous yet heart warming news paper article and columns.

 John established himself as one of the very few Non-Japanese columnists to have their own weekly column in Japanese spanning over 10 continuous years in National News Papers in Japan. A very talented writer and speaker he soon found himself in demand as a TV / Radio Commentator and Personality. ( rumor has it he speaks better Japanese than English) He is an award winning author of 9 popular books and continues to write, give speeches and make TV appearances in Japan and Internationally John was the host for the Japanese National Broad Casting Networks Program.. "Meeting people of the earth" 2001 ·2002.  John is also the host for the TV program "Voice of AICHI" . as well as numerous documentary programs on nature and families.

John not only writes about families, nature and harmony with the environment but lives true to his principals.  He lives in a Tree House made of recycled Miso Barrels in the Mountains of Seto with his wife and two boys. John has received a number of prestigious awards for his contribution to communities  and environmentally conscious educational and programs.  John is a recipient of the Tsubaki award presented to those persons who have made extraordinary contributions to society in the Chubu Area of Japan.  John also was awarded Ecology Design Prize  GOOD DESIGN AWARD from Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO) Ministry of International Trade and Industry for his growing village project.

 John is an avid ecologist/naturalist and tree climber. His first Tree Climbing Experience began while doing volenteer work with bear researchers while he worked summers for the Ministry of Parks and Recreation on Vancouver Island. His love for nature trees and helping people later inspired him to establish the first tree climbing school in Japan. 

 He is also the founder of Tree Climbing Japan an organization that is devoted to bringing people of all ages and physical ability into the forests to climb trees, and to enjoy nature.  Tree Climbing Japan is also active in bettering forests and empowering people world wide.

John established a Treehab Program for Physically Challenged persons to climb the largest Trees in the World. In the summer of 2001, Tree Climbing Japan helped Hikosaka Toshiko to be the first severely physically challenged person in the world to climb to the top of an 80 meter Giant Sequoia Tree. ( Smithsonian March 2002)  Treehab continues to help physically challenged persons climb trees and hopes to create tree climbing international exchanges.

John's passions include trees and helping others. John has been accepted into Top Ranking Nagoya Universtity's Forests Science doctorate program to further study about Trees and  the  medical benefits of Tree Climbing in rehabilitation and recreation programs.  

He is a key note speaker for the  Japanese Ministry of Parks and Education and strongly encourages sustainable forestry and eco lumber. He discourages the import of Old Growth logs and lumber to Japan.

John is a very warm hearted , fun, congenial person. His gentle sincere activism combined with his innovative programs are the secrets to his success.

When ask his philosophy on life John shared this story.

"Hinoki is a very revered and sacred Tree for Japanese. To find such a wonderful tree on the top of a mountain ridge was a wonderful treat. As I climbed I could read the tree story in her bark and branches.

For the past 1000 years this wonderful tree was blasted by high winds and freezing blizzards. Baked in Hot summers. A typhoon broke her in Half hundreds of years ago. But she never gave up she kept growing and spreading her branches out to shade and protect the other trees behind her.

Just a short 50 meters away there are 3 other big Hinoki but they are not nearly as majestic and awe inspiring.  Living on the easy side did not sculpture them into God Like Trees but left them clones to all the other trees in the forest.

I have never met a 1000 year old person but I have know very well many elderly people who surpassed their 100th. birthday...Those with lives of challenge and adversity have a similar majestic and awe inspiring Constance. I too want to live my life on the edge and facing all the elements."

His Hobbies include Family Camping  and outings.  Sports, Scuba, Bagpipes and spending quiet nights aloft with flying squirrels and Japanese Monkeys. John is truly a multi talented person with many accomplishments.  He is known and loved through out Japan as JOHNSAN but to his family he is 100% DAD.

Translated and edited  from P.P.J Aichi Japan.

"(It is my Dream that All Children, Grow Up Like Magnificant Trees. Tall, and Strong, Kind and Unique. Helping others to Grow.)"

John Gathright